Professional Staffing

Responsiveness is key when providing support staff. CRAWFORD prides itself in producing quality staff in a timely manner. Another goal of CRAWFORD's when providing this type of support is to minimize or eliminate any involvement by the contracting officer. We are sure to handle all aspects of each contract respectfully and professionally in order to ensure all parties involved are pleased with our service. CRAWFORD has experience in placement of qualified, accredited professionals in a variety of fields such as Engineering, Architecture/Planning, Inspections, Project Management, as well as augmenting existing cost estimating staff for clients.


CRAWFORD is always prepared to provide qualified Professional Engineers (PE) to meet the needs of any client or contract. CRAWFORD can produce engineers with experience and relevant background in the following principals: Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Electrical, Communications, Civil, Geotechnical, and Environmental.

Construction Inspections

Finding a qualified inspector with the right expertise can be a challenge. Leave this up to CRAWFORD to find the right person for the project to ensure the proper controls and standards are met.

Construction Managers

Providing Construction Management support is key to the success of any project. CRAWFORD screens candidates through a very selective interview process which leads to the individual that suits the needs of the owner to ensure a successful project from pre-construction through completion. CRAWFORD’s home office is a huge asset to any construction manager that we have in the field. With our combined experience, we are always here to aid in anything that may come up in the course of construction, whether it be a claim or simple change order, our home office staff can support our field office personnel quickly and professionally.

Facility Planners

Facilities planning is a vital step in maintaining any large organization. CRAWFORD can help locate a planner with the right experience for your future plans and strategies to thrive for many years.

Quality Assurance Inspections

CRAWFORD’s Quality Assurance Inspections consist of constructability reviews, monitoring contract performance, establishing and performing on-site surveillance plan and documenting surveillance activities; ensuring contractor complies with the defined Scope of Work, assuring personnel necessary for performance of contractual requirements are used, reviewing and evaluating contractor’s performance, reviewing contractor’s invoices, preparing cost estimates for any proposed increases or decreases in the work, and reviewing change orders.

On-site Cost Estimators

CRAWFORD has experience in enhancing existing cost estimating departments by providing qualified, knowledgeable staff whether in a peak workflow period or if the existing staff needs specific training. Similar to the home office support offered to our field construction managers, we have many estimators on staff that can provide support, training, and expert advice to those seeking cost estimating help.


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